American Vanguard Corporation Acquires Assets of American Bio-Systems


Leading proprietary-formula microbial cleaning products acquired by specialty markets division AMGUARD Environmental Technologies

AMGUARD™ Environmental Technologies (“AMGUARD”), the specialty markets division of AMVAC Chemical Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of American Vanguard Corporation (NYSE:AVD), announced today the acquisition of the product and trademark assets of American Bio-Systems, founded in 1996 as a manufacturer of proprietary-formula microbial cleaning products BioMop-Plus® and DrainGel®.

For more than 20 years, BioMop-Plus and DrainGel have been the “industry standards” for restaurants, hotel kitchens, and institutions that have persistent drain and fruit fly infestation, with small flies breeding in the organic waste that accumulates in drains, on floors, and in crevices. Both products quickly and safely remove organic waste through use of a consortium of endospore-forming Bacilli bacteria strains – classified as non-pathogenic, naturally occurring environmental isolates – that are formulated to digest and eliminate organic material on floors and in drains. This provides professional pest control companies and end-users with a highly effective approach to managing pests in these environments.

Shayne M. Wetherall, CEO, AMGUARD, commented: “BioMop-Plus and DrainGel are a great fit with AMGUARD’s portfolio and our strategy to provide compelling biological solutions to the commercial pest control industry. These formulations directly address the foodservice industry’s desire for labor-saving solutions, including the improvement of sanitation practices that currently use standard soap-based and chemical cleaning products that can only ‘break up’ food waste and grease build-up, not remove it. Only microorganisms can degrade and ‘digest’ – that is, eliminate – this organic material.”

Morgan Timberlake, co-founder of American Bio-Systems, said: “I’m extremely gratified BioMop-Plus and DrainGel will now be included in AMGUARD’s biological products lineup going forward. AMGUARD’s dedication to providing quality products with excellent customer service to the pest management industry are the same guiding principles co-founder Joe Clark and I established when we founded American Bio-Systems in 1996.”

Wetherall provided concluding comments: “Because drain flies are prolific in food-service environments and are vectors of Listeriosis, a serious infection usually caused by eating food contaminated with the bacterium Listeria monocytogenes, the product profiles of BioMop-Plus and DrainGel are a direct fit with the broader pest control industry’s commitment to being “protectors of public health. BioMop-Plus and DrainGel will be integrated immediately with AMGUARD’S growing portfolio of microbial products and will continue to be sold through the pest control industry’s national network of distributors to provide leading pest control companies and end-users with these proven solutions.