AMGUARD Environmental Technologies is an emerging provider of non-crop and specialty technology solutions for the US Public Health, Pest Control, Ornamental & Greenhouse, Golf, Lawn & Landscape, and Consumer markets.

From our RTP headquarters and labs, AMGUARD discovers, develops and commercializes a diverse portfolio of proven chemistries, innovative technologies, and green solutions into diverse markets.

At our core, we are innovators. We are committed to protecting the population from disease vectors, mitigating structural pest damage, creating healthy outdoor living spaces, and maintaining outdoor sports and recreation venues. Our mission is to provide our customers with powerful technology solutions to keep their businesses strong and growing.


As part of our commitment to be a leading technology and market access provider, we strategically acquire companies and technologies to fuel growth and strengthen our portfolios. With the strategic integration of OHP, Envance Technologies, and TyraTech, AMGUARD is poised to become the fastest-growing non-crop and specialty products business in the US.

TyraTech is a technology R&D company that is a recognized leader in the development of novel effective and safe insect and weed control solutions.

Envance Technologies is an innovation engine that licenses, commercializes, and partners with market leading companies to develop and commercialize game-changing insect and weed control technologies.

OHP is the leading provider of technology-based solutions for greenhouse and nursery production applications.

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Our proven R&D and innovation capabilities leverage an arsenal of proprietary screening and development platforms to provide a growing technology pipeline of effective and safe technology solutions. This enables us to develop a complete toolbox of proven chemistries and green solutions for our customers in every segment.

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We leverage AMVAC’s 5 US manufacturing plants deliver a dynamic range of AIs, formulations, and products across a broad spectrum of proven chemistries, biologicals, and biochemicals.

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American Vanguard Corporation operates a wide range of businesses in the U.S. (AMVAC®, AMGUARD™ Environmental Technologies) as well as in Australia (AgNova Technologies™), Brazil (AMVAC do Brasil); Latin America (AGRI Center™), Mexico (AMVAC Mexico), and globally (Greenplants®, Agrinos®).

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AMVAC® Chemical Corporation, an American Vanguard® Company (NYSE: AVD) headquartered in the U.S., is a global technology solutions provider for agriculture and a leader in proven chemistries, green solutions, precision application systems including SIMPAS® and SmartBox®, and sustainability solutions for plant and soil health.





AMGUARD’s portfolio of companies are entrepreneurial, innovative, and rewarding. We are always seeking authentic, talented and driven teammates that share our vision for becoming the fastest-growing non-crop business in the US. If you are interested in any of our current openings or have interest in being part of the team, we’d like to hear from you.